Thursday, September 24, 2009


Check her out. Don't tease this lil' mess! She don't care 'bout squat, but does kinda.. in her eyes ..but she's still hardcore, see. "Whatever man", she says.

And also....Whilst at the Long Beach Flea Market I came across poor naked Pinocchio! geees. - - - - - - - - - -how much?
What a lovely hot and sweaty mornin' we had lookin' at junk! Thank you ladies, and get this -they're both named.. Brandi & Brandy. Crazy! I'm gonna buy a lottery ticket!

And lastly, fake dogs-- way too funny.
SHOW news: Here's what I painted for the Monster Mash show in Hawaii! - - -
It's this weekend if any of you are lucky enough to live there! Wish I could-ah put myself in the envelope with the art -boo hoo. I wanna snorkel.

Here's a couple details and the full shot of "The Shyster Monster" and a CD cover I did for Mr. Fred's Round Pegs and Bass Peeps! - an awesome band -based in New Orleans..
I'll post when their CD comes out! A sneak peek of my "Baby Tattooville attendee gift sooper hot-shot assembly line art machine."

It's so hot shot, it's made of burlap... DAMN girl! Just stamped me some secret Looooooot baggggggsssss.....shhhhhh burlap can hear you!
Oh I've got butterflies in my tum tum, but I'm lookin' forward to it. But you days can go by slow, because I need the time. thank you.