Friday, April 07, 2006

TaDa! the Catalog is finished... and will be going to the presses soon - Hurray!
Man, I learned so much doin' this thing... little tricks, some with paper,
some with wood -
and experimenting with lighting. Soooo what I hear from the publisher is that there is going to be a Catalog release party... so I'll let the word out as soon as I know what the hell's going on!

also, a quick note about my blog: I'm so sorry everyone! I lost many of my links when I transfered over to this fancy new one- I am putting them back so please don't throw eggs at me on the street anymore... he he

Thanks for peekin'!


Josh Parpan said...

so cool!

Heather_Chavez said...

oh I likey, I likey!!!!!

kittens with chainsaws said...


P.S. You gotta eat, I gotta eat...lets do dinner?!

potato farm girl said...

This pretty awesome! When is the LA book fair again? Did I miss it already? They had a good booth last year.

Miss Mindy said...

Hey guys... thanks for the feedback! April 28th at Zanzabelles Ice Cream, vintage toys, & book shoppe in Silverlake.. there's a big Catalog unveiling, and Ya'll are Invited! It's from 7-9pm... I'll post an invite for it over the weekend!...and yeah Kittens.. i do gotta eat at some point!welcome to blogville!