Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Vrooooooom Vrooom!
a word to my wheels -
my bug has it's new Engine!... and man am I excited! My pal Fez did this drawlin' of me yesterday - I just love Big Daddy Roth, and am real inpired by the crazy legacy he left behind - and the best part is... he just lived.. he painted art, monsters, and whatever crap he wanted to - the kids loved it, the nutty rockers dug it, & most important - he loved it...
I believe that if you can paint on a toilet seat and be happy with it - right on! In fact, I'm going to go paint one right now... Fez, Thanks for the great picture - and Dad, thanks sooo much for all the knowledge about VW engines... and taking on this beast of a project!


Heather_Chavez said...

thats awsome, I didn't know you loved bugs too, me and my mom have a 1967 bugs, I think your right about loving what you paint, I love your work as always ;0)

TonyC. said...

Congrats Min!!
I miss that bug of yours.