Tuesday, March 21, 2006

This is an Ink drawing
I did for a Lady pals B-day...
and her name is,
It make you KINDA
want a cupcake,
just as long as she doesn't
bite yer head off first
with that grin of hers!
LOOKout! she's excited,
its your unBirthday..
Chomp Chomp!
& don't forget the milk....


CarolineJarvis said...

This is hilarious! Love it! Gorgeous smile, tones of attitude... and laughed at the cupcakes... hehe! Nice work!

tiramisue said...

hey wait... are you the Miss Mindy from the Cosmo Zombie Spectacular? ...There can't be two Miss Mindy's can there? Naaaaaah, i'm sure that must be impossible!!

Well, cool! I read that comment you left me in the zombie thread; thanks! Now, i found your blog, and it's awesome. 'Better patent that bra real quick, before someone swipes that money-maker from ya like THAT! Shit, i'd wear cupcakes on my boobs.

See ya!
-Sue K

RedDiabla said...

If that's creepy, then I LOVE creepy! Seriously, nice flow with the lines.


Heather_Chavez said...

Horray for the sexy cupcake girl

Miss Mindy said...

geees ladies! I better get going on that cupcake bra eh?

Chris Battle said...

cupcakes 'n' boobs! Everybody';s favorites together at last! :D