Monday, January 07, 2008

12 grapes!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all yous out there.... and may many funny fannied fairies infest you garden! - Hide yer booze, and don't you snooze.... the fat lil' fairies are on the looze... ( ok, ok... I know 'Looze?') Hmmmm... anyway- We went to Arizona this Christmas and took my flying squirrel "mappy" with us (Dink was pissed.)

Here's a couple shots of the magical scenery along the route.....

My attempt at festive cookie.... Italian speedo cookie, underwear ghost cookie, weird blue moose cookie.....
And whatta cool guy here cookie? I wasn't around to actually see him jump up on that thing.And certainly lastly and leastly, myself and my drunk niece on a an old car rally tour in Pasadena. I love that kid.
Speaking of Kiddos, Here is a peice I painted for a childrens benefit At The Wind Up Gallery!
The art is first done by a child, then we do a rendition in our style inspired by their art & story....
very cool, I like how she made 'Cilia' have a giant protection belt. Check out the gallery for show details!

Also, as far as art shows.... my sister and some other folks who have shown at Gallery Revisited in the past, were invited back to do a group show together... so check out the gallery site for more details!

I hope everyones holidays were good, and yer all in one piece -A very Happy New Year to you all - - - -& Here's to some Positive change this 2008 !


Dee C.K. said...

awww...Cilia is soo cute! Thanks for thinking of me, you sweet thang! ;)
Those pics from Arizona are awesome! That guy with the huge tricicle(SP?)
Anyways, Happy New Year MISS~luv ya!

Dave Thomas said...

Italian Speedo Cookie...Genius!

Sorrentino said...

it's tons of fun and I love that you share your life on here!! I especially love your ladies!!

Heather_Chavez said...

so this is where we put the wennies,
I lvoe all the cute momnets you put up for us to see...oh I lvoe the calendar faerie