Monday, February 04, 2008

Hive Art Night....

Thanks to all the folks who braved downtown LA this last weekend! Nice.... good vibe - - -
no major bar fights.....And my new little Centaur painting just strummed her ukulele all night. Above are some pictures of how the art looks... ( so sorry for the quality of my crappy photos, I'll post a pixelated video soon!) ahhhh here it is.... see it's like you didn't miss a thing!

he he -- see TheHIVEGallery for more info- - - -

Also... here's some press in Art Business News... wow!


Anne-arky said...

Hi Mindy,

It was so nice to meet you on Saturday! Melody and I will keep you updated on the possible GDG derby art show if you're still interested. :)

Dee C.K. said...

yey!! Congrats miss! Looked like it was a lot of fun!!
Cheers to you and your SiS!
luv ya! @_@
Peace out!

Alina Chau said...

Great fun meet up with you last week, congrat with the gallery show! :)

RedDiabla said...

That painting is The Awesome!

Book said...

I love this painting (or bunch of them!). Miss you Mindy but we're loving it up here!