Friday, April 25, 2008

Art show & Cartoon Premiere!

I will be in a show May 10th at The Nucleus Gallery I hope to see you!

Currently I have been bustin' my rear on a show called The Mighty B!


(i don't have cable, so let me know how it goes.... funny huh?)

This show is created by some really talented folks, Cynthia True - Amy Poehler - and Erik Wiese - here's the show times on Nickelodeon:

Saturday 10:30am Premiere *Repeats at 1pm, 6pm and 9:30pm

Sunday 10:30am Premiere *Repeats at 3pm and 3:30pm

ps. the above drawing is by Bryan Arnett... thanks for the drawing man!
:) I hope ya'll are well! - - -mm


Heather Chavez said...

oh both things are great to look forward are very busy

potato farm girl said...

Yay Mindy! The living cartoon character, who also makes cartoons! You are a perpetual cartooning machine. Yes, let's meet up and trade cartoony stories, because we are NERDS! We should meet somewhere outside, warm and sunny, to celebrate your new found freedom.

Harley Quinn said...

By bro and sis luv dat show!