Monday, October 06, 2008

Art Preview!

Here's some inkies getting ready to be framed.... and below, The progress of one of the woodcut pieces---- from sketch, to paint, cutting, assemblage, & fini!

le messie sketch. Le soupie paint.Le cut... watch la fing-airs!
in progress - making templates for cutting. more templates for le cutting.

AND FINI! - a crazy mermaid Triptych called "The Players."
took me forever.

I hope you'll join me...
San Diego's SUBTEXT gallery this Friday from 6-10pm.
Lost at Sea: New Works by CJ Metzger & Miss Mindy
Show runs: October 10th - November 9th, 2008

but if you can't attend- sadly..., here's a link to see the show- - - - -


damon said...

wow that looks super cool

love it

shaunna said...

Oh my Goodness I LOVE her! Your drawings are so ultra beautiful too! Damn, I don't think we can make that opening, but have a great time Missy!!!

*daisy said...

super cuteness!! i am in love with your recent series of mermaids, seriously- I would wallpaper my house with them if I could (and if damon would let me.. hee hee!!)

; D

Christina Conway said...

Wonderful to see the process and effort that goes into your fabulous work.

I'm super excited for Friday night! I'm bringing along a whole crew of art lovers... see you then!


Miss Mindy said...

cool! Thanks for such nice comments everyone! I'm looking forward to seeing you Christina! and wallpaper.. AWESOME idea Daisy!--then we can drive the men folk nuts w/ our decor! --Shaunna, sad u can't make it, but I hope you and your kiddo are doing well--and Damon..........No, YER super cool.
he he ya'll-mm

Wynne Chen said...

looks amazing :)
love the texture and dark feeling for her :)

Mindy Lee said...

soooo cool. love this piece

Dallas Shaw said...

thanks so much for the add :)

Danielle said...

That looks amazing Miss Mindy! Thanks for sharing your process too. Daisy started me on mermaids and now I can't get enough of them!