Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Drawing in Trees, NM Trip & uh oh-here's summer...

Santa Fe Feet- yes I crawled under the table.

POP went great... I swear, I always love going there - even though I'm not nuts about the desert. It snows, it rains, it gets hot as hell sometimes, but it good there. Honest. people who just like art- and want to walk around and look at it some more. Appreciate it, and live.The artists are sooo comfortable to be around. Sometimes LA wears on me... I smile at folks- and instantly they think your weak and treat you like crap. I think being positive and taking a chance on people is one of the hardest things to do... you put your heart on a plate everyday, and hope no one steps on it... Road trips always help bring my soul back. To get away from the routine, and expectations and find what I'm creating for once again, always reinventing- but sometimes wanting to recluse---ahhh the human struggle! ha ha - ok rant. Let's show some pictures of some adventures ArtLand...
The Renaissance Faire--- oh! how many thousands of pictures I wish I could show you..
Eventually----but here's one of my favorites for now.

Hosted another Drawing session at our home studio/gnome home last Sunday...here's what it felt like,

We all had a great time drawin', I squeezed in a few inkworks that night--but was so excited to be out in the yard w/pals-- Just getting inspired by the different styles, and burning into my mind the beauty of the human form in nature. --- we weren't born with clothes. But if we were -I'd want stripes.

Rick O'Brien. yes, my husband rules. It was his birthday on Monday---
He and I have done so many art projects together. The patience it takes to have two artists work together, with strong opinions---understanding how another artists brain works can be so maddening. He respects my art heart, and I his--- ( the other woman and man!) Both Rick and I have so much art we can't show you due to non-disclosure agreements for studios-left and right... that what we've doing over the last half a year-- so I wish we could show you, but sadly...can't! So, here's some 'progress' photos... one is a secret casting that Rick taught me the ropes on. I'll be able to show you this crazy costume project in July! what can it be? hmmmm.

"hey ma! I learned how to use a cintiq while watching Colombo!" -- we abused this computer beast this year-- yes I'm old school ---inking & painting..but for some things you need digital artillery! Dig the hour glass? - I swear we used it.... pace man- pace.
And on to the end... summers coming ( eeewww hot) BUT! I'm excited to haul some ass on a whole new body of work I'm doing. I'll post some progress... thoughts on creating- I honestly was truly inspired by my friend Brandi Milne to write some honest feelings about the art process- the ups and downs, the super rewards, and the burning of newsprint.. beginning again.

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