Saturday, August 07, 2010

Traveling fool.

So I've been traveling-- from Chicago to Portland.. doing art/costumes/signings/swimming/dancing... and having a good time in this crazy & beautiful world we live in. Spending time with the life 'outside' is something I tend to miss when stuck in an animation studio - or painting for hours on end. I need to get out. so I did. The art show in Portland was awesome, seeing my old friends - hanging out with the fairies in Eugene, then hiking along with Paul Bunyan in the 'Trees of Mystery'. My mind is full of so much now-- In the city, it can be so easy to get cynical and forget just how vast the earth is...there are so many people, different ways to live and places to see. Being present for your life. Pretty wordy for a girl in Skeksis costume hangin' with Vader & Bubba... hmm? hehehe..I have posted so much on my Facebook page about this costume..It was in a group called "Viva Los Villans) that won 'best in show' at Comic-con this year (more pics to come)... and we had a great time doin' it! Honestly, I think it was the the most fun I've had down there in awhile. Ridiculous! that my new word. Just be a good way.

More pictures to come... sifting through pics, and makin' a is here.

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Christina Conway said...

you're so ridiculously awesome! I had tons of fun seeing you, we need to get together more! Glad your travels have been so wonderful!! xox