Monday, March 07, 2011

Color Ink Book & all that Chicken Jazz...

Whoo Hoo! It's OUT!

COLOR INK BOOK - volume 10
3 different covers by Buff Monster, Ferris & MOI!

Order one today!
It was sucha goodtime doing this one..

I hope you enjoy my 'Drunk Fairy Funhouse' Mobile!

(please note: if you'd like my cover, don't forget to click it in the scroll down menu!)

ready. set. color!


and oooh New Dollies!

Brand New Kokeshi Dolls.

This is my 'White Russian' series
'Viktoriya & Varvara'


My oh my..what a ball we had at The Music Box...

The lovely, Elisa & Brandy pie

Holas Edwardian Chicken!


And Last but certainly not least... my love for my newest piece of art!

Brandi Milne rules it - with her darling lil' faces...

OK. Feelings. Step by step.
1. The excitement of it all.
2. Oh, yer really mine?
3. Bet you take delicious Mr. painting!


1 comment:

brandi milne said...

hahahhahah! I lov eit!! And I love that huge wig, woman!! see you soon doll-butt!!