Monday, September 26, 2011

Haunted Mansion....

 Does it say Miss Mindy enough on the pictures? ha ha ha...

So Here it is! ( finally)
My special, one of a kind Vinylmation for the 'Room for one more' event this Friday
at The Disney Contemporary Resort in Florida...
-Celebrating the Haunted Mansion-

Check it out here!

The process of creating these little suckers is a doozy,
and I've gone into it
in past blog posts if you wanna see step by steps.,
but my eyes are falling out- so this will have to do!

I honestly never really liked customizing too many plastic toys,
Only a few here and there that struck my fancy...
but have found that I adore making these.

Maybe it's the old Disney ears that get me-
or the fact my grandmother worked on snow white in the 1930's  and inked with 'the girls' in the old animation buildings - nostalgia. I don't know, but it's fun.
I'd like to say a humongous thank you to my sweet Ricky-dee
('Ahabs Shipyard' from now on- link coming soon! :) for building the base.
He is so amazing.
---I'd also keep an eye out for some original miss mindy toys, one of a kinds, sculptures,

whatever you want to call them- they'll be around the bend too.

I've gotten so many orders, I don't know what to do... Merci!
So please be patient with this lil' gal- as I don't have  an elf to help me with the sanding yet.... ;) Each art /toy/sculpture I make, gets a 'whole lotta love' - and time from Mindy pie in the sky.
:) Thank you!
Here's some fun photos I took of my 'glow in the dark babies' during the process...

Ahhh -- painting the brides beating heart...wooooo...
I've never painted in black light before.
Headaches happen. teeth look weird, & My white dog looked fantastic.

gees. It always looks terrible in the beginning.

spray paint always gives me some hope.

and a shmancy box always helps...
this one is an old hat box, painted with flat black, gloss web...oooooo fancy pants!

...and in the end, I always end up with messy hands...




davidbird said...

Beautiful as always.....

The Stapelia Company said...

Gosh. Haunted Mansion + Miss Mindy + Day Glo Paint = Perfection. I want to go to there.