Saturday, January 07, 2012

Custom Vinyl - Red head in toyland....

I had some really cool commissions to work on over the holidays, and would like to share one of my favorites with you...
This Art/Toy is my newest addition to my Vinlymation customs.
This Particular piece was inspired by the game 'Kingdom Hearts'- at the collectors request. So I dove into the imagery and came up with a 'Miss Mindized' version of how that world inspired me.




The Art /Toy

Poor little vinyl, helpless and mangled.

be quiet lil guy.. what's that? yer mouth is filled with resin.
I know, I'm a nerd. ;)

Stages of sanding, resin re-coats, sanding..etc etc...

did I say sanding? I meant wet sanding...
and more sanding.

It gets fun when the filler primer lets loose. I finally get to see my lil' guy's character try to come out.

I get Cray-zeh with the spray paint because I'm so hardcore. I'm so hardcore, I sleep witha teddy bear.
That's right.

Modge podge is even more hardcore. But goldleaf is my vice.
I adore it, I hate it, I love it- my dog eats it by accident. Think from there. Fancy!

This part was super tricky.
I wanted the night sky to have stars- so my version of Mickey could look up into the
night sky at a glowing resin moon, AND be 3 dimensional. -ok.....And how big was the tummy space?
2.5 inches kinda--
yeah. I'm nuts,
but totally did it with some help from Ahab. He recommended metal tape to reflect, and to make a 'lightbox' of sorts- so we could make the best of the L.E.D light we put in his back.
whew. worked.
I used an L.E.D with the Red Queen toy at D23 as well.. but a night starry sky was a whole different challenge!

Painting the teenie tiny scene inside his tummy...I managed to keep ahold of my eyeballs before they fell out.
next up...

Little Creepies

The next step was to create the heartless...
So I made wire armatures and then got my 'magic sculpt' on.

Creepy little guys, but cute all the same.... I was up late--Miss bug eyes.

Filler primer. Rock!

and waa-la! lil creepies....all painted and ready.

Stars from the ceiling inside the display travel up through the crown-
This hole lets in light so the toy isn't sitting in darkness... he'd be sad.


First Things First, After the measurements set, the construction begins!
Thanks to Ahab's Shipyard for the awesome construction & display paint (ahem..Rick- :)
- Check out his new alias blog for all things cool -
'The Captain' will be posting amazing creations this year!

The molding is cut, lines scribed, crown melted to position.

The Front heart design get's some love now, and Ahab's extra touch...

Primed and ready to be painted after days of milling, filling & sanding.

Finishing touches, I add sky, stars & place my little creatures to 'loom' in and creep...

Green Patina for roofing... nice touch. Key's fit, all is coming along. yee-who!

The final Display!

Thanks for Stopping by-
--------Till my next one.....


damon said...


that is super cool!

Caerphilly said...

I especially love the little black creatures! Super cute!