Sunday, June 10, 2012

Vinylmation95 & My latest One of a kind Sculpts!

I'm so proud to Show you the works I created for
The Wonderground Galleries Grand Opening

at Downtown Disney® District at the Disneyland® Resort!

The Signing went fabulous, I didn't get too sunburned. ;)
There were tons of great folks, familiar faces, and awesome kiddos to sign toys for...
It was a total pleasure to meet all of the artists who are contributing to the gallery.
It really has some some extremely special one of a kind pieces!

I think all of my artwork is SOLD OUT now! So sadly, you can't go see any of it... wah!
So here's my own online gallery of what I worked on for you to feast your eyes upon.
Both Minnie & Bo Peep are completely scratch built on my new hand casted resin form.
They also are L.E.D lit inside the skirt to reveal a miniature scene.
Yeah man, sanding and creating the contours for these lil darlin's is somethin' else!
Meaning: They take forever, and are filled to the gills with love, craftsmanship, and burning the midnight oil
... I'm sleepy ;)

Miss Mindy Originals 
'Bo Peep'
Copyright Disney/Pixar
sold 3800$

Here is one of the First Vinylmation95 customs!- When they said base it off Disney's California adventure Park,
'Midway' was the first thing to pop into my carnival of a mind!
Along with popcorn of course ( my Ricky-dees favorite... )
I sculpted and detailed my brains out & I'll never feel the same way about popcorn again. ;)
sold 2ooo$
Miss Mindy Originals
Copyright Disney
sold 3800$

Yep! There it is....and come Monday mornin' - My little hands have to get ready for the next super awesome-ness that I can't tell you about yet! Rargh! The anticipation....Wish me luck o' Internet friends, and thank you everyone for enjoying my semi-masochistic handy work.
stay tuned! 

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These are mindblowingly awesome!
Love it!