Monday, October 08, 2012

Pink Elephant Inspired & Haunted Mansion Vinyl toys....


Ok, so I look really Creepy here... Just in time for Halloween! ....Even though 'Bluey' released at last months Mickey's Circus Event at Epcot Center in Florida...I think I was channeling my inner 'Spook' already... ;)

The Finished Turn

I ADORE the Pink Elephants Sequence in Dumbo... ( and I 've heard from a ton of ya'll that feel the same!) It was part of the reason I wanted to be a character artist  - That, and old betty boop cartoons...what a spunky broad!

Oh I get carried away with the packaging... but it so fun to just go nuts on it- after doing so much detail work!

My original turn - 'Bluey' - all sketched out---

Ahhh, My favorite part- and the most challenging! Painting the dancing Elephants soooo teenie Tiny!
They later were set on miniature steel springs inside 'Bluey's' Tummy to create movement like they're dancing....
ooooohhhh Trippy!

"No Window's...and No Doors"
By Miss Mindy
One of  Kind - Vinylmation Custom

for Availiability of One of a Kinds by Miss Mindy, Please call: The Disney Vault / 714-300-7004
Or visit D Street Downtown Disney / and the Wonderground Gallery
This was my favorite part of The Haunted Mansion as a kid....
The Trick was getting this scene to read in a Vinyl! Tricky indeed to squeeze this little lady into the tummy area---
 It was  like getting a ship in a bottle. I need smaller hands. ;)

Oh again - getting carried away with the boxes! - gotta have purple right?

So many processes to this one! I think it was one of my most complicated fabrications to date.
I learned how to cast in clear resin ( flames) -
To vacuform a custom plastic bubble for the belly,
and just over all sculpting more than I had on any of my previous art pieces.
Thank you to my husband Ricky Dee for showing me the ropes! - Ahabs Shipyard
My brain is full o' process. bssst. fizzle.pift!

The original turn...

Painting details before the coverplate goes on...

oh process process, My Elf workshop!

And the Electrical... Fishing the wires through the arms to the candles, testing the lighting for the scene....
And That's it Folks! Thanks for stopping by my crazy big blog post-
I tend to post in giant spurts -;) so Check back from time to time for more Toys... soooon!

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