Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"Be nice to yer Honnie today..."

BECAUSE..... if you don't... hundreds of these 'little man heart heads' will swarm around and eat ALL yer candy - - - "Oui Oui!!"
Also....a huge thanks to everyone who came out to the shows over the weekend! :)mm


damon said...

aaaah scerry man heads get away from my candy

happy v day girl

edwinushiro said...

Awesome to always see your stuff in Nucleus. Those pieces last week were great! Your the best Miss Mindy or whatever your real name is.

Miss Mindy said...

Miss Mindy is my real name -
I used to teach children's art classes, and it stuck!
and I'm glad you liked my peices - they were fun to cut -out.... and no fingers lost!

potato farm girl said...

Funny and silly! The heart design on the wings are nice, as is the creepy french men heart faces!