Monday, February 26, 2007

"Messy... Messy Artist Girls"

I swear it's organized chaos! -he he he.... Above is an invite for our sisters show on march 24th, so mark yer calendars - for a female frenzy of sad, silly, happy weird dollies and their abodes! - We are working on our larger pieces at the moment - and various lil' painted ladies. . . . and yes, I still have all my digits! ( knock on wood-)


potato farm girl said...

Ahh inspiring photos of paint tubes, water glasses, easels with pretty art!! I'm going to make it! I won't flake out this time!

Dee C.K. said...

Hey Miss! Sooo great seeing and hanging out with you the other night! My salsa partner! hahahaaa...
Love the pictures! As Brianne says," Ahhh inspiring!"
Can't wait for the show! ;) See you soon!

Miss Mindy said...

So great to see you too 'Hot Mo' Dee!' - u lit the floor on fire!!!!