Thursday, August 20, 2009

Comic-con wrap up...

Yes, yes... I know It was in July, heh-
but too bad! I'm late, and with good reason too! errr... emm, hmmm.

Welp, to wrap up this years "Kahn" ( oh goody another nerd reference!)
Here's some pictures of the going's on:

I loved this batman, he was so "in to it." After this photo, he started jumping off some pillers infront of the GasLamp Hilton-- and then superman joined him! ahhhh humans are so cute when they get excited...The steampunkers are a cool addition to the convention-- I liked all the gadgetry everyone puts into their costumes.... And Thankyou to my wonderfully crazy designer friend Alisa Otten who joined me this year, ( Rick had to work..) So us broads...we painted the town green, drank on the train, and ate at this great lil' place called Cafe Noir.. Thanks Alisa!
Signed a ton of books.... Hurray!

--and last but certainly not least, I got to hang out with my Brandi Milne-- whom I adore..
Thank you everybody who stopped by and visited me in unfamiliar territory! Here's to the next bizarro art event we meet at - - -