Saturday, April 17, 2010

And yet Another Sketch Theatre session!

I swear I can't get enough of doing these things--
they truly are so much fun. Thanks Lily.

CLICK HERE if the picture doesn't take you there.

My sweet man just did one as well-- check his out-- he's such a cra-zeh good painter!
Rick O'Brien :

I'm learning a lot from him right now--( and him from me! ha ha ha) we're working on a big 'ol secret project together--and it's almost done-- I feel like my brain is going to explode, in both a good and bad way...We get a tad of time off tomorrow- & I'm so excited to go and play with my best friend Brandy Trigueros and Eddie at the Renaissance Faire.. nuttin' like squaffin' mead & eating legs of meat & cheese with your buds to get back into life! Not to mention that there are boobs there! All sorts. Rick and I have a secret plan for them things, that we'll reveal someday if we feel like the town needs it.

-It's been a turbulent time the past half a year, so much change--good and bad--- I'll miss my sweet friends Dad with all my heart, honestly... I haven't even wanted to post anything at all. But now for some reason.. I'm having a huge bout of positive energy & change, and want to create more than ever... ( how bi-polar is this post?) he heh... Much health and love to ya'll that peek at my blog from time to time... I have some great art shows coming up this year - in Oregon, Santa Fe & LA...I'll post my progress on various art pieces---My workshop and inkwell is pulsing to create-and I'm so glad...


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The Stapelia Company said...

Another great sketch. I love these... thanks for sharing! :)